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Friday, 16 October 2009


Not too long until Halloween, and although we'll be too late for this year, I'm looking forward to Halloween experiences in Eugene, and in years to come watching my nephew E in Friendswood TX doing the rounds.

In the UK there are attempts by some shops (Marks & Spencer and a few card shops mainly) to muscle in on Halloween and make a few extra sales, but generally Halloween is considered a US thing, and it's a bit of a damp squib. There may be occasional parties (we won't get invited), and we may get a few children calling at the door for candy, but frankly we're all a bit embarrassed, and glad when it's over.

In the last few years my wife and I carved and put out pumpkin lanterns to show our US credentials, and we usually get a few groups of kids but just a smattering, and we end up with bowls of uneaten candy that get thrown away six months later. We did get an egg thrown at our window once by a kid who came round about five days too early, with no costume, and that somewhat diminished our enthusiasm.


  1. I had an American friend in London who had a Halloween party each year. Her parents would mail her American candy. You could tell just by looking at the costumes who was American and who was British...the Brits stuck to the "traditional" costumes like witches and vampires, and the Americans would turn up in costumes like the Crocodile Hunter.

  2. That's interesting Devon. I wonder if it's just the natural English reserve, or the Brits not quite understanding the spirit of Halloween in the US. I shall make sure NOT to have a traditional costume next year.

  3. I think you will really enjoy October here. We often get quite nice weather. We will have to go to the Haunted Corn Maze at Lone Pine farms next year. I usually guide a group from my square dance club, but it's worth doing more than once many years. They added a big rotating tunnel this year, great sense of vertigo.
    Tim aka Tiermann

  4. Sounds great! We want to try square dancing so we'll be along for that too, it'll take the place of Morris and English Country Dancing for me - though I might end up playing fiddle in the band eventually.

  5. There is a Contra group in town and some International Folk Dancers. I know people who go to both and can get you info when you are here. Square dancing here all uses recorded music, but the Contras use live. Some friends had a Contra band for a while but it split due to various health issues. I can get you in touch with that circle too.