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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Pik-Nik Original Shoestring Potatoes

One of the processes Beth had to to through, and I am now going through in acclimatising to a new country and new foods, is trying to find things which approximate something you like. This is a process filled with potential disaster.

Sometimes it's just labelling - Orville Redenbacker's Salt & Sweet popcorn in the UK called Kettlecorn here. Sometimes the same product just tastes different due to the formulation. Sometimes a different product is labelled the same - Milky Way in the US is a Mars Bar in the UK.

In trying out various chips (crisps), I recently came across a tube of Pik-Nik Original Shoestring Potatoes. On the back of the pack it says "For over sixty years, Pik-Nik has been making the highest quality, best tasting shoestring potatoes in the world". Well, to save you the disappointment I suffered, I'll tell you now this not true.

They're actually very greasy, and when you open the tube you get a waft of stale chip-fat that turns the stomach. Chomp a couple of mouthfulls, and that taste will be in your mouth on and off for hours. You need an oral antimacassar. Basic Tesco and Sainsbury's equivalents are much nicer.

I'm now on a quest to discover a brand of shoestring potatoes, or potato sticks, that is not saturated in stale grease, so if you know of one do please add a comment or email me.


  1. I am, at the moment, trying to imagine an oral antimacassar, and seeing a crocheted doily, applied to the face prior to eating vile foods. It all seems very awkward and laundry intensive.

  2. I was a fan of Planters potato sticks as a child, but I confess it's been many years since I had them, and therefore have no clue how rubbish they might be right now! However, be on the lookout!