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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New Plates

My car license plates are due for renewal the same date we move into the new house, so today I popped along to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

For UK readers, in the US, and Oregon in particular, you renew your car number plates every two years, for a small fee which is equivalent to the car license in the UK (but a lot cheaper). At this time it is also possible to change your number plate, which I did because the old back plate had been damaged by the previous owner. You can also order customised plates, a lot cheaper than the UK equivalent, but I couldn't think of a six number/letter combination that was pertinent, safe and witty that I was willing to spend an extra $100 for, so I just got regular plates.

At the same time I applied for new address labels for my own driving license, which will be mailed to the new house. I stick these over my old address on my driver's license, and voila.

Yesterday we went along to an insurance agent to work out insurance for the new house. At present we have our auto insurance with Progressive, but the house was insured by the previous owners with State Farm, so we went to see what their rates were like. We were pleased with their quotes, so we'll be using them, and in June we'll switch our auto insurance over to get a discount.

US house and car insurance are cheaper than in the UK, or at least they are here in Eugene. On the house front, I think it's probably because it's a lot cheaper to rebuild a woodframe house than a brick one. We will have insurance against earhquakes and civil riots amongst other things, and for medical bills for people who manage to injure themselves on our property. On the car front, it may be because traffic is lighter and theft less likely, and of course we have garages to park in at night (though very few people seem to use their garages for their vehicles).

Today and tomorrow are my "weekend", so by the time I'm back at work it'll be less than two weeks until we move. Beth and I are off to see a movie at lunchtime, "How to Train Your Dragon". One benefit of working weekends and having days off midweek is that the movies are cheaper and the theaters less crowded. Tomorrow I plan to see "Hot Tub Time Machine".

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