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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I've started cutting back the overgrowth on the creek bank behind our garden, and first in line for my wrath are the brambles. As you can see from the picture, they have grown over 30 ft long, thorny all the way, with maybe one bunch of blackberries each. These brambles, plus a load of wild roses, are strangling everything else, including the few trees left on the bank that provide a screen of privacy between ourselves and our neighbours across the creek. 

Our neighbour Robert is pleased with my activity, I suspect that the previous owners neglected this area to let it get quite so overgrown. I tried a petrol-powered strimmer, but it just mashed the stalks before getting choked. The machete looks nifty, but is currently too blunt to slice through, and mostly just bashes off the stalks. The dibber is of course totally impractical for this work, and I've settled on secateurs (aka pruning shears) as the best option. Once I got in amongst the stems it was easy to select which to cut, though removing the cut 30 ft sections takes a bit of tugging and often further cuts into manageable portions.

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