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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Griswoldry Part 2 - The Excess

Nodding Polar Bear, and illuminated candy canes. People hang candy cane on their trees here in the US, but the habit has not fully caught on in the UK. Any that remain uneated (i.e. all of them in our house) can be reused next year.

Santa or possibly snowman, with sleigh and reindeer.

Herd of reindeer grazing in a Christmas tree forest.

Single Reindeer, with illuminated snowmen in back.

Motorised 6' inflated snowglobe.

Motorised inflated reindeer alternately stuffing Santa down the chimney and pulling him out.

Countdown clock with Snowman.  
This forms the centerpiece to a huge display with lights flashing in time to jingly christmas tunes. 

Our Tree.

A Merry Christmas to all my readers!


  1. Hey, the candy canes are getting eaten! There's only ten of the original twelve now...

  2. Great photos Martin.

    Just for your information - we had a Christmas message from one of our neighbours in Dublin - he told us our cat Slinki mewed piteously outside our windows for 2-3 weeks after we left in August. Made me feel pretty bad!! That Slinki had a nice new home just 2 doors away - I guess it took him a while to adjust.