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Monday, 10 January 2011

Go Ducks!

A quick shout for my local college team the Oregon Ducks, who play their BCS Title Bowl game later today against Auburn. This is a big deal, the Superbowl of College Football, and I booked the day off work to ensure I can watch the whole game live.

Above is my collection of Ducks T-Shirts, lying on my Ducks snuggie. I forgot to put in my Ducks lei, a necklace made from hazelnuts painted alternately yellow and green with the yellow ones having the Oregon O on them in green, and my Ducks Baseball cap, but I'm wearing them today, plus the t-shirt on the bottom left. If the Ducks play in white tonight I'll switch to the bottom right t-shirt.

 As you can see from my spread, there are a LOT of Oregon t-shirt designs available. The official colors are green and yellow, but the Ducks are sponsored by Nike and have a wide variety of uniforms, not merely a white and a colored (green) strip, but also black, white with carbon numbers, and yellow, and that's just the shirts. For greater detail on the following link to see  the 160 uniform variations possible - assuming they don't add more!

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