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Saturday, 27 October 2012

GMT - BST - PDT - PST - EDT - EST time

We are suffering the bi-annual confusion over clock changes, complicated by having to think about multiple timezones.

This time I'm more aware of what the initials in the title stand for. GMT and BST I'm used to - Greenwich Mean Time (Winter) and British Summer Time (Summer). So PST is Pacific Summer Time, right? Wrong. It's Pacific Standard Time, versus Pacific Daylight Time, which is used in our Summer. PDT is what we're on now, and we'll change on November 4th back to PST. This is a week later than the UK, for absolutely no good reason that anyone can explain, so for a week starting tonight we have to think about a 7 hour time difference instead of 8 hours.

So if we have Pacific time here on the West Coast, New York et al are on Atlantic time, right? Wrong. They're on Eastern Daylight Time.

Anyhoo, it's nice that for about six months of the year we have an extra hour of daylight before everybody wakes up, and for the other six months it's still pitch black when everyone is blearily making their way to work or school.

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