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Monday, 6 September 2010

Labor Day

The first Monday in September is a US National Holiday (i.e. Bank Holiday) called Labor Day and as I had the day off in my schedule Beth and I got to spend it together.

Labor Day celebrates the work and achievements of the common man in the US. Yay me.

We started the day with a half-hour cycle round the neighbourhood, which seemed very quiet for a holiday: maybe everyone was having a second Sunday lie-in. We never tire of looking at houses, spotting new houses for sale, and agreeing that ours is nicer.

At ten Beth had a meeting arranged to sell a couple of table clamps she bought for her woodshop. Unfortunately the company she bought them from (Grizzly) have poor illustrations on their website and the clamps she bought wouldn't fit her worktable. Fortunately she was able to sell them on for only a $1 less than she paid, which was better than returning them for a refund due to postage costs. I came along too, and after the transaction we went shopping. At least I did, at a WalMart (not the one I work at) getting some essential gameday goodies in preparation for Thursday, while Beth showed her recently completed quilt to some friends at her local sewing shop.

Driving home we realised we had both forgotten Teriyaki sauce, and stopped at a Fred Meyer on the way, adding a few extras to the shopping cart. Back at Sweetwater we unloaded, and then spent a couple of hours relaxing in various ways before cooking some hotdogs on the BBQ for lunch.

After lunch we watched a couple of episodes of Medium, then relaxed again in various ways. I did a little light gardening, and soon it was time for another dog on the BBQ, then an evening walk together in a different direction round the 'hood..

A quiet day spent together, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine in milder temperatures than the last couple of months. Bliss.

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