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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Prime Suspects

We got a list of ingredients for the voodoo doughnut, and Beth set them out in s spreadsheet for me, divided into:

1) The Doughnut
2) The Vanilla Frosting
3) The Fruit Loop Topping

There were about 150 different things in there. No wonder I had a reaction, I'm surprised everyone doesn't have an allergy to at least one thing in there.

Well we (i.e. Beth) went through eliminating things we (i.e. Beth) know I've eaten before, and after a while two suspects for the the lurgy-inducer popped out. We need to do more testing, but at present we think it's either propyl paraben or propylene glycol.

The latter is used in many topical applications, and many people have reported skin rashes. It's also used in some toothpastes, and has given people gum problems. What's it doing in my food?


  1. And also...what are Froot Loops doing on your doughnut? I'm shocked and appalled. ;)

  2. Well they were actually Fruit Rings, a vegan alternative apparently.

    I stress that I didn't buy this doughnut for myself, it was bought for Beth's office and she brought it home for me.

    I would obviously choose Bran Flakes for my own doughnut.

  3. I chose the Froot Loop donut from a small assortment that remained at the end of the work day. There was also one with Capt'n Crunch on it but I didn't want to give Martin too much culture shock in one day - he's had Froot Loops before but I wasn't sure if he'd experienced Capt'n Crunch outside of its box yet.