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Friday, 5 November 2010

The Fog

Fog is a very common event in Eugene during the damper months, and more often than not over the last few weeks we've woken to 100 yard visibility. This burns off if as the sun gets to it, usually between 10am and 1pm, and we have a few golden hours before darkness falls and the fog starts to enclose us again.

This picture taken on a joint cycle ride shows some of the gorgeous colors of the trees in Fall. The fallen leaves, as in London, can become a nuisance and block gutters and drains, so residents are encouraged to rake them up or use leaf blowers to assemble them in piles, which are collected by the city at intervals. Luckily we don't get high winds often, so the piles of damp leaves have mostly remained piles.

Two other features of a walk or cycle ride in the morning are the spider webs and the fungi. The spiders are busy overnight stringing their webs everywhere on trees and bushes, and especially on cars and trucks parked under the trees. We have several large and handsome webs hanging off lamps and eaves, and the spiders are encouraged to remain outside.

This mushroom (or is it a toadstool?) provides another splash of color a couple of houses along from us, and I've taken pictures of several other types on my walks with the vague hope of later identification. Eventually I'll do a post just about the mushrooms (and possibly the spiders), which people can skip if it's boring to them. My aunt Susan is a keen botanist and I've absorbed a fascination for fungi from her, though in my case it is backed by a refreshingly broad absense of knowledge. I like their colors and shapes. The keys are for scale.

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  1. I still haven't picked my jaw up off the floor from that beyond gorgeous pic of fall trees. Here in Utah our trees are dingy in the fall, seeming to turn dull yellow or brown without even a color in between. We do have some lovely trees but they're few and far between. I miss my northern Wisconsin fall beauty and I thank you for this picture! The webs are amazing, too!