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Monday, 1 November 2010


Yesterday was 31st October, and the day I finally got to dress up and scare the local kids.

Actually very few were scared, though I did get a compliments from the various pirates, Transformers, clowns, fairies, superheroes, cats, crayons (!), sharks, and whomever and whatever else came round.  

Our first visitors came round just before 5pm, before dark, and that set the trend for a few visitors every hour. We had plenty of time in between visits, during which I practised my spooking routine and adjusted my uncomfortable costume, and we took occasional walks up the road to see if we could drum up any more interest.

My $20 Walmart costume was supplemented by black jeans, sneakers and t-shirt. The bony chestplate had a "dripping blood" pump, but it didn't really work, and trying to fill it I got red dye all over my hands. Another time I'll ignore the pump and just leave it dry.  

I invite victims visitors to "reach into the bowl of death".

Sometimes Beth had candy duty and sometimes I did. Beth wore her "Budget Ninja" t-shirt, which glowed in the dark. Overall we had a lot of fun, though it was quieter than some years. Today our neighbour Judy told me she had 31 visitors (in groups of 2 or more), compared to over 70 last year. We think that being a Sunday evening quietened things down, as the kids had to be in school the next day.


  1. That's just excellent, Martin! I'll have to show the Izzlets :D

  2. The third picture down is the scarey one...

  3. YIKES!! You certainly would've scared my kids! We probably had 100 visitors at our house on Saturday night.