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Friday, 15 April 2011

One Year in our Sweetwater Home

Today marks the first anniversary of moving into our home in Sweetwater Lane. The weather for our move was better than this year and we have had several wet days, so we were very lucky to have warm dry weather for the move. It really helped, not the least in drying out the carpets after their steam cleaning. Of course we had the garages to pile boxes and other items during the move, so we could have coped with wet weather if necessary.

After our initial rush of purchases for the house and garden we have added very little, the replacement dishwasher and new bedroom windows (yet to be installed) aside. The house is wonderful and rarely a day goes by that we do not remind ourselves how lucky and comfortable we are.

We have kept the house quite sparsely furnished, enjoying the roominess, and our occasional fits of tidying have kept it neat, at least by our standards. Having so much space makes it much easier to clean, tidy and organise than our London home, and having managed this for a year I think we will be able to continue the trend.

Over the next week I'll add some more observations and pictures, but I am in the middle of a six-day week at work, so I'm preserving my energies for that.

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