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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring has Sprung

In the last week we've seen a decided change in the season, with several dry and sunny days, though occasional rain still keeps the lawns green and plants growing. Flowers sprung up, Daffs, Hyacinth, Narcissi and other unidentified things, and our pear trees and cherry trees have blossom starting. Other cherry trees have been in full blossom in other gardens, but ours is a little late. The frogs have been chorusing, and we've heard a woodpecker in the stand of conifers in the field to the North.

We've taken the patio furniture out from its winter home in the gazebo, and even had a brief barebeque on Sunday. The cats are occasionally using the sun loungers. Weeds are springing up everywhere and being tugged out almost as fast, and we have been preparing the raised beds for peas, pumpkins and other vegetables. Beth had grown two sets of seedlings so far and put them out, though the slugs and snails have had their munches on them.

Our biggest disappointment gardenwise is the apple tree we bought and planted last year. Due to the wrong sort of attention or neglect we managed to kill it stone dead, so we plan to get another fruit tree to replace it soon, probably another apple tree but with mixed varieties grafted on the same trunk. 

Tghe rainy season is definitely easing and before long we'll miss it, as we'll have to do a lot of watering to keep everything green, with a water bill to match. Fortunately the heating bill will be dropping at the same time, so our monthly expenses even themselves out.

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