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Thursday, 28 October 2010

In the 'hood

My wardrobe has been absorbing US styles and items since 2004, my first visit Stateside and discovery that US clothing is much cheaper and more comfortable than UK equivalents. In fact I've had US items in my wardrobe since 1984 when I first got a baseball jacket (red with white sleeves and a M sewn on), football jacket (Philadelphia Eagles), and Philadelphia Eagles cap, at great expense as they were imported, but since 2004 I've been adding American jeans, t-shirts, and boxer shorts (mostly made in China or Bangladesh).

One item of US apparel worn by almost all ages here in Eugene is the hoodie, a long sleeved thin jacket with a hood attached. I had one or two in the UK, but have added four or five more. The hood is very useful now that we are subject to heavy Fall showers, to keep rain from dropping down the back of one's neck. A hoodie can be washed at home, doesn't require ironing as a shirt usually does, and can be layered between a t-shirt and jacket. I still have a number of button-down shirts in my wardrobe, but the hoodie is thicker and easier to maintain.


  1. And it has no antisocial connotations!

  2. I am a huge fan of comfortable clothing and shoes, and I think availability (especially for women) is improving.