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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Enjoying our Garden

Now we have some nice weather and the space to spread out, we're both enjoying a light touch of gardening. This is an autostitched panorama of the back garden, with Beth working on our small strawberry patch. In the foreground is the paved patio with our sun recliners, the grill in the corner, and our new gazebo in the background.

Beth and I spent weeks looking for a gazebo with all four sides able to be curtained, and with full screen netting. We found this one at Lowe's and on Tuesday we put it up, before getting some lightweight patio furniture for it yesterday. The gazebo catches the early morning sun, and is then more shaded from the heat of the day. This provides us with a cool and bug-reduced zone for really hot weather, and in cooler weather we can move the table and chairs out and either have them just in front of the gazebo on the pebbles, or move across the lawn and use them on the patio.

Up against the fence is one of Beth's growing areas. There is a grape vine trailing along the back fence, and a pear tree on the corner. This raised bed has been dug over and planted by Beth, with some lettuce, peas and a strawberry plant so far, with carrots and other veggies going in today. At the back of the bed are some onions or chives which we didn't plant.

Along the overgrown creek is a raised area with some rhubarb, and supposedly some potatoes. We're not keen on rhubarb, and plan to dig over the whole bed in time and plant more potatoes. The cats enjoy strolling around here, and diving into the wilder areas along the creek.

Taken from the same spot, a view of our creek where a family of ducklings are being raised. We haven't messed with this at all yetas we think it's supposed to be left as a wilderness area, and we don't want to disturb the wildlife. Our neighbour Robert will be advising us on exactly what we are allowed and expected to do. We discovered a cherry tree on ther bank, so we're hoping for a crop of cherries around June.

 Looking back towards the main house from in front of the Gazebo. There's a rosebush at the corner of the house that we're watching for progress. It was one of four, but the other three were taken (by agreement) by the previous owners. There is another rose down by the pear tree, and two more round the side of the house where they don't really get much sun. We may try to move those two round to fill in the gaps left in the border in the center of this photo.

On the North wall of the house is a lean-to toolshed, a very useful addition by the previous owners. Here we store the lawnmower and other garden tools, and fuel for the BBQ and firepit. In the background you can see the US flag flying from our front porch. I switch this around with the UK flag and the England flag every now and then.

Round at the front, the lawn gets less sun and is more patchy. We've done nothing with the flowerbeds except a little weeding, but there are some tulips and various other flowers popping up.

These violas are particularly pretty right now, for no effort.


This Japanese Red Maple is one of several handsome trees on our plot, and very much enjoyed.

Finally for today, right on the corner of our drive we have this rhodedendron bush.  Rhodies are very popular in Eugene, and though not my favorite flower this one is doing well and in full bloom right now.

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  1. Love all the pictures!! Particularly the lovely outdoor ones.