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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Place for everything...

and everything (more or less) in its place.

We've been settling into our new home for a month and two days, and with the arrival last Friday of our Riley's bookcases, we were finally able to continue unpacking our books and DVDs. 

This is a view of the kitchen, with the island counter on the left and breakfast table on the right. As these are the first convenient flat surfaces one comes to when entering the house they tend to collect junk, and we have to clear them off regularly. By the back door is a weedwacker (strimmer), newly acquired from WalMart (with 10% employee discount) waiting to move on into the toolshed. Outside the window lurks our BBQ Grill.   

The family room has been augmented with four new pieces of furniture. There are matching bookcases either side of the fireplace, a TV stand (with new 55" flatscreen TV), and a media case for our DVDs. It doesn't really hold half our DVD collection, so the rest (mostly mine) spills over into...

Bedroom 4, aka The Office. Really it's my computer games room, and still requires a lot of organisation, as I find the time and energy.

The living room has a new 4'x6' bookcase, split between Beth and myself, which we filled in no time. This room is a lot more tidy than most as we deliberately keep it uncluttered.

The loft area has an identical bookcase, this time solely for Beth's crafting books and materials. The bookcase is deliberately not central between the doors to give more useable space in the loft, and because there's a power socket just to its left.

Finally, we also have a 55" TV in the bedroom, which is not an inch too big when you're 20 feet away.

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