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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Benefits of a recliner


  1. Martin - have you got your driving licence yet? I have an Irish driving licence and will need a Washington State one. How long will my Irish one be for, do you know? I am flying over to Seattle on Friday to greet our container and get unpacked in our house in Ballard. Poor husband still stuck here in Dublin waiting for his visa. He has the cat for company.

  2. Hi Willis, no not yet. They won't let me take the 2 part test (multiple choice written and then practical) without my social security number on an official card. That should have been in the post about 3 weeks after I arrived, but it didn't show so we went to the local Social Security office, and they assigned me a number overnight. So I now have a number and can apply for jobs, but the DMV require the official SSN card, which will be another 7-10 days.

    Meantime I'm driving on my UK license. I don't know how long that's good for, the DMV haven't told me, but I'd guess at least 3 months, possibly six, as it's legal to visit for six months and still drive on a UK license.

  3. Update - did the written part today (no problem) and have the practical Friday