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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday = Football Day

I've been a fan of (American) football, and specifically the Philadelphia Eagles, since I first saw a Redskins vs. Eagles game in 1984 while at university, and one thing I've been looking forward to is being able to watch games on TV as they happen, rather than listening on the radio or watching a game I recorded during the night. On the west coast we're 3 hours behind the east coast, so 1pm kickoffs start at 10am here, and the Sunday Night Game coverage starts around 4pm.

Before a day of slouching in my recliner, cat on lap, the only exercise I got was walking to the clubhouse for an early morning Skype chat with my parents in England, 8 hours ahead. My wife went out shopping as I settled in for an eye-watering marathon.

I'm now watching the Eagles at the Giants, so no time to type any more!

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