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Tuesday, 22 December 2009


As all Londoners know, limescale from tapwater is a curse.

One spot of water left to dry leaves a small spot of white dusty scale. Kettles clog with limescale and have to be periodically de-scaled, pipes furr up so washing machines, central heating systems, baths, irons, showers and taps, all accumulate crustings of yellowish gunk, either visibly where they can be dealt with at enormous fuss and expense, or invisibly, where you hope they won't destroy your property before its time.

In Eugene, no limescale. Not one iota. After two weeks using the shower, kettle, and all the other situations where water meets heat or indeed just air-drying, not one spot of limescale to be seen.

It's an unplanned boon, but one that every day I count as a small blessing.

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