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Thursday, 3 December 2009


I knew my wife was a pretty amazing person before I married her, but getting through the whole emigration process would have been impossible without her. Not merely because I wouldn't have qualified for a spousal visa unless I was married to an American Citizen, or had her to sponsor my application, but because she is fantastic at finding information on the internet, filling in forms, planning and organising.

The Visa process is immensely complicated, requiring a string of forms, certificates, affidavits, photographs, financial statements and goodness knows what else. I have mostly taken a back seat while my wife put together the various packages required and sent them off, got me to the interview and answered their questions with me, and ensured that we were always four steps ahead of the process.

So a big thank you to my wife for being more than just a calming influence, but a leading light in my life.

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