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Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday 11th Dec - The Cable Guy

Today we were tidying up a few loose ends. Beth took her written driving test to transfer her Washington driving license to an Oregon one. To transfer a license within the US there's a 35 question multiple-choice test, and you need to score 80% (28/35). Beth being Beth scored 34. I'll be happy to scrape the 28 when it's my turn, but I can't take the test until I have my social security number, which should arrive sometime early January, and I'll have to do a physical driving test too.

Beth also registered to vote in Oregon, and there's a big vote coming up in January.

We bought a cell phone at Fred Meyer so we could make a few urgent calls, as our T-Mobile phones won't show up till Wednesday at the earliest. Then back to the apartment to wait for The Cable Guy. He turned up a bit late, and then, not through any fault of his own, couldn't get the connections right after a couple of hours work, and someone's coming back tomorrow to finish up. This is a little frustrating, but he offered a $25 refund for the inconvenience, and that pays for the first month's connectivity.

A bit later than planned, we drove to a friend's house in pouring rain to collect a couple of boxes we left here in July. He's actually the friend of a friend, and it was very nice of him to hold these for us. He hosts a music session in his house once a month, and we'll be seeing him again Thursday evening for that.

There was just time for me to grab a Carl Jr's burger (wouldn't bother again) on the way home (Beth driving) before settling onto the clubhouse sofa to watch the Monday Night Football game, Cardinals vs 49ers. Three hours later I abandon the game with ten minutes still to play, as the Cards have turned the ball over six times and there's not time left for them to come back and win.

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