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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hiccup resolved - 2 days to go till the move starts!

We popped round to the new house (with our wonderful buyer's agent Lori) to see the Harrisons and go over the workings of the heating & sprinkler systems yesterday evening. They are very nearly packed, at least in the rooms we saw, and clearly well on the way to finishing. This wasn't our main purpose in visiting, but we also took the opportunity to discuss the handover time Thursday.

In our original contract (in which we bought the house), the house was legally ours at 6pm 15th March. We then rented the house back to the Harrisons until 15th April. Unfortunately the rental contract (a standard form) didn't specify a time, but we assumed it would carry over as 6pm, so we planned to start our moving in at that time. The Harrisons took it to mean midnight on the 15th. The rental form states that we take possession on the 15th, so we couldn't concur with the midnight deadline, and we really wanted to complete at least four tasks on the Thursday evening.

1) Take some pictures of the totally empty house for our move diary, in daylight.
2) Dump one load of general stuff out of the rental van, including recliner chairs, kitchen table & chairs and our beds, so we could
3) pick up our new sofas and loveseats from Big Lots and get them to the house and
4) have two local friends Jane (a fellow Brit) and her husband Chris help us get them out of the van and into place.

The Harrisons are using the last couple of days of their tenureship to have all the small nailholes etc. made good, and do some necessary and agreed painting, and finally have the whole house cleaned, the carpets steam cleaned and the driveway pressure washed. Their carpet man is starting around 9am on Thursday, and as the carpets are quite thick and luxurious they will take some hours to totally dry.

Of our four tasks we'll be able to get most of it done, but probably won't get soft furniture into place that evening, as we will need to let the drying process continue as long as we can bear. We can access the tiled areas of the house and the garages, so we'll be piling all our boxes in the garages to start with, and putting the sofas and loveseats there, while we wait anxiously for the drying to finish.

The Harrisons said we could start moving stuff into the tiled area and garages from noon, so we will probably use our two cars to dump one load each at the house before picking up the rental van at 3pm. Big Lots are open until 9pm, so we have plenty of time to do one big van load before picking up the furniture from them. Jane and Chris will be popping round around 6pm (they live in the same raod as the new house) so we plan to have the sofas and loveseats in the van and on the driveway by then, and we'll initially just get them into the garage, and move them into their places on the Friday evening, again with Jane and Chris' help. Another local friend Tim has offered to help with the move, but he lives in Springfield so it's further for him to get over to the house, and there isn't really that much we need help with apart from the big sofas. Everything else we have we have moved several times by ourselves already.

Beth took a couple of pictures of the nearly empty house with her new fisheye lens:

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