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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Move Day 4 - 7:58am - some Photos from the last 3 days

Nabbing the parking outside the apartment: Beth's Mercury and my Mazda

Following Beth S on Danebo
View from the kitchen window, with cards from Mum & Dad on display
My den over Beth's shop (the detached garage)
Loading the Budget rental van
Driving S on Northwest Expressway with Spencer's Butte in the distance: this will be half of my regular commute, and this is the usual state of traffic
Some folks settle quicker than others

Panorama of the empty family room
living room
dining room
front hall and stairs


  1. I love the cat picture. They look like they'll be very happy!

  2. Elbie (on the left) has been exploring outside today, and worked out how to use the three catflats it takes to get there. Ghost is a little more hesitant, did have a brief open air perambulation, but is reluctant to use the catflats so far.

    We just found them curled up together on the dining table, lured by the mini-quilt that was just too cosy to resist. We had to remove them gently as this table is due to be exchanged.

  3. Reading all about your move with great interest. Is that crochet throw on the sofa one of Beth's creations?
    Janet, temporarily back in Dublin while still awaiting husband's visa