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Sunday, 11 April 2010


One of the items we ordered from Sears about a month ago was a black minifridge for my den, so I can have ice, cold sodas and milk for making tea on hand.

On Friday Beth got a call from Sears to say that the minifridge we had booked paid for was not available, and to call round to the store to arrange a credit. Hmmph. Beth immediately got online, and checked, found an identical fridge (same model number) was in stock at our local branch at Gateway Mall, where we had placed the initial order. Moreover it was $25 cheaper. Beth immediately ordered and paid for this one online.

So in Saturday after my 4 hour shift at Wal*Mart we drove over to Sears in Beth's wagon and spoke to them, confirming the credit, and then telling them about the one in stock. At first the assistant seemed doubtful that there was one in stock, but after checking they confirmed it was, and sitting in the storeroom awaiting for our collection. We drove round to the back of the store and picked it up, and now it's sitting at the end of my bed, still in all its packing, ready for the move.

yay, $25 saved.

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