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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Move Day - 8pm

I collected the hire van at 3pm and Beth and I loaded it up with most of the unopened boxes shipped from London, our (cheap) plastic garden chairs, kitchen table and two chairs, and as much else as we could squeeze in of our bags and boxes. By 4:30pm we had filled it as much as we could, so we drove over to Sweetwater again to see the state of play. Terry Harrison was there with his two daughters, just finishing off their last load of packing with a couple of friends. They also had a friend Debbie cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

We had a chat with Terry and the girls, who naturally are a little sad at leaving the home they grew up in, but were more reconciled and chatty than the last time we saw them. Terry left with the girls, and we unloaded the van into the two garages - Beth's craft boxes and our general household stuff into the main garage, and my Playmobil and other hobbies into the detached garage. When the van was empty we drove to Big Lots and collected our sofas and loveseats, and took them straight back. Our friends Jane and Chris came over (they live a few houses down) and helped get the furniture into the garage, but we'll leave it another day before we put them onto the carpets.

During the last couple of days Beth has been fielding calls regarding our deliveries for tomorrow, and nothing is happening until noon, so we decided to sleep in the apartment tonight and move the beds, TV and recliners over tomorrow. We left the van at Sweetwater as there's no place to park it near the apartment overnight.

Before we left Sweetwater we set the heating at 73f, warmer than we usually have it, to help dry the carpets, and checked all the windows were shut. Debbie was still there cleaning and we thanked her for the great job she was doing. The sun was setting as we drove back west along Beltline getting home just before 8pm. This allowed us to watch Bones and The Mentalist, two shows we both like, and also reload Beth's car with another load of boxes. When Mentalist finishes at 11pm we'll take our two cars back and unload the stuff that's been in my car all day, and Beth's second load.

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