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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Move Day - 1:30pm

Eager to see our new house, we drove round in two loaded cars at noon, hopeful that we might be able to unload and head home for a second go. As we drove up we spotted some of the Harrison's helpers leaving in a pickup and trailer, but there was nobody at the house. The main house was 99% empty with just a bit of cleaning left to do in the tiled areas, and some tools and sweepings still in the main garage. The carpets had been cleaned but were still quite damp, so we opened some of the windows for better ventilation, as the day has remained warm, dry and breezy.

The shop garage was also still occupied with tools, but it looked like one more trailer load would clean that out. My den is empty, just needing a vacuum over the carpet before I start filling it with my junk.

We drove back to the apartment with two cars still loaded, but in another hour and a half we can pick up the rental van and start loading that. Fortunately we were able to nab the two spaces in front of the apartment again, so we will be able to get the van as close as possible. I'm confident that we can return by five or six with a loaded van and car and disgorge the contents into the two garages.


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