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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

At Home with Martin Milner 2

Chapter 4: The Garage

My car usually goes in the garage, unless I'm home after 11pm on a weekday and Beth's already in bed, in which case I park on the drive. The Master bedroom is above the garage, and opening the garage door would wake her up. To the left is our chest freezer, with my bikes behind it and Beth's recliner bike on the right. The white cupboards on  the right wall and end wall hold various outdoor stuff like sports equipment and bicycle gear. In the top right corner is a door to the side driveway, and top left is the door to the utility room. We have catflaps in these doors so Elbie and Ghost can come and go whenever they like.  A friend asked if we ever have problems with racoons trying to get in, but we haven't yet. The furnace that heats the house and hot water in at the back of the garage, with air filters we are supposed to clean every month or two.

Chapter 5: The Utility Room

This small T-shaped room forms a link between the garage and the kitchen, the top of the T being a passageway, while the leg holds the washer, dryer, bottom of the laundry chute, and several cupboards and drawers. We store odds and ends like batteries in the drawers, and washing liquid and other cleaning materials in the cupboards. It may be that this is intended to act as a dry larder as well, being just off the kitchen, but we haven't used it for that yet. This area has its own extractor fan to remove any warm moist air created the washerm, while the dryer vents to the outside through a pipe that runs under the house. There are a surprising three different light sources in this small room, because it's also set up as a place to grow seedlings.

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