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Friday, 8 October 2010

At Home with Martin Milner

Chapter 1: The Driveway and Front Garden

Our front drive is a familiar sight by now.  All the houses in our area have parking for at least two vehicles out front, but with our house set back a little further from the road than many we could fit more, if necessary. The lawn is still patchy despite my efforts to feed weed & seed, though you can only see the patches when it's been mowed.

Chapter 2: The Porch

Tucked behind the lawn is our front porch. A lavender bush gives a little added privacy, though front porches aren't really designed to be private. Beth's tomato and cucumber plants are past their best now, but just hanging onto their last fruit. To the left is our flagpole, and I rotate a Union Flag, US Flag, and England Flag whenever I think of it. Just to the left of the house is an arched door, which we use when gardening, as it's the easiest route to get the mower onto the front lawn.

I sit on this porch some evenings when I'm home earlier than Beth and she's due soon, and we'll be using it on Halloween. The pumpkin is not one of mine, though mine are starting to develop and there's still hope at least one will be good for a Jack-o-Lantern. From the porch we can see all the way to the end of the road, so it's a great place to wait for deliveries, the mailman or visitors.

Chapter 3: The Side Driveway

Beth parks her Mercury here when she's home, and there's parking for a bunch more cars or even an RV if we had one. The post in the left foreground is there in case we wanted to hang a gate on it, but for now we like the open space. There is a slope on this driveway to help drain off rainwater, and from the change of surface we deduced that the area nearer the 2nd garage is newer, probably laid after the garage was completed. The big flat side of the house soaks up a lot of heat in the Summer, warming the Family Room, Master Bedroom and Office.

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