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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Our Water Feature

We're heading into Fall, my first experience of Fall in the US, and Beth's first since 2003. At present we're still getting hot afternoons occasionally, our Fuscia is still flowering, and barely a leaf has fallen on our property, but in an adjoining street some trees have started dropping their leaves. Pictures below.

This temporary fountain appeared in our front garden a few days ago. It used to be a sprinkler but the sprinkler broke, so off I went to Jerry's, our local DIY store, to get a new sprinkler head.

Ta-daa. Back again, and the part was only about $2.50, so not bad at all. The sprinkler heads come in 1/4, 1/2 and full circle patterns, this one being a half circle. 

I dug down around the old sprinkler head and unscrewed it, revealing the top of the underground tube. I screwed the new one in place, replaced all the mud and dirt round the sprinkler, and then it was time to test it.

Ta-Daa again. No problem. I was really expecting this to be a much trickier job, or at least more expensive, but in fact it took about ten minutes and $2.50, so I had time for a cycle ride.

Early October, and at last the leaves are starting to fall. The Willamette Valley is a very lush and fertile area, and we are blessed with a lot of trees. This also means a lot of leaves come Fall, and the first leaves are falling. This seems a little late compared to London, but I think the seasons here have been running late generally, possibly due to Global Warming.  

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  1. Oh, the gorgeousness of autumn in Utah in the valley we don't get a ton of color. I really, really miss it. Some of the trees turn color but it's kind of dull usually and sometimes they just turn brown and drop off. I miss my gorgeous northern Wisconsin trees that are so brilliant from the very cold nights they get there starting in September.